Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Language and minimalism

I plan to learn Lakota and Ojibwe, I have had this plan for years but there was always one reason or another for it to sit on the back burner. I have started a 30 day language challenge.

Day 1 : Create a Pinterest board.  I created a board My Indigenous languages with two sections Lakota and Ojibwe. I am also starting a language bullet journal. I was both surprised and disappointed.  There were more pins then I thought but not as many as I was dreaming and hoping about. (This was actually yesterday) #languagechallenge

Day 2: Schedule a lesson or exchange. As my children are taking language classes at school and I am trying to learn and encourage them. We had an exchange today. Covering introductions and phrases.
I plan on minimizing my life with unnecessary things. Trying to become if not zero waste, almost. Well also getting rid of extra stuff. As my family and I have recently moved back home to South Dakota, I feel this is a great time to begin. We have already got rid of quite a lot but I think there is still a lot we have that we dont use.

Day 1: Go through art studio papers. Papers seemed like one of the biggest issues in our house. We still have a lot in boxes so this is an opportunity before they are unpacked and find a home. #minimizing

This does not have to do with new years goal setting but an overall life change. In 2018 we lost two family members - a father and grandfather and we moved home to help. I got sick, became a librarian, and am going to start a masters program. A lot of changes. I decided life is to short to drown in junk and my dreams will never become a reality if excuses cover my purpose.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

teaching tips - ideas for language fun

Learning a language is an ongoing process. I love playing games while speaking the language.

I love lapbooks. I love all the pockets and flaps. I am in the process of creating a book with my kids that has to do with Ojibwe language. I will share pictures of the book.

Until then if you want to learn and have fun. 

Play Remember what you saw

What you need:  items such as a book, bag, sock, shoe, pen, jacket, hat, cup, spoon, and bowl.

You have to put the items on the table,covered with a cloth. Ask three people at a time to come up and look at the items for 10 seconds, and then go back to their paper and write in English.  Then they translate it.

The person who has the most right wins.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Indigenous People in Business - Lee Francis

Lee Francis has done a lot in the last few years. 

Indigenous Comic Con - Giving a place that Natives can gather and talk books, comics and movies. Encouraging Natives to strive to make comics and be in fiction. A gathering place for all Indigenerds.


He has also opened up RED PLANET COMICS https://www.redplanetbooksabq.com/ 

This store is one of only handful of Indigenous bookstores. 

He is creating a pathway for Natives to share their work.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Organizing - get rid of extra items - Konmari method

Since the beginning of the year I have been downsizing and getting rid of stuff. 

I found the Konmari method and it has made a change in how I go through items.  The Book : The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: by Marie Kondo.

The main question to ask yourself : Does it bring me joy?

         Need to hold it and examine it. Find out if it makes you happy.

The main thing to do: Tidy all at once. Everyday. It can be a few days to a few month commitment.

The main method to do:  Separate into categories, but not by location. Place all similar items in a pile together. You see how much of the same that you have.

The main focus: is to go through in the right order. 1st -Clothes,  2nd - Books,  3rd - Papers ,   4th Miscellaneous.  

The main thing to remember:  To discard what you are getting rid of before you place things back where they live.

Everything has to have a home. You need to give your possessions dignity by using and respecting them. Treat your possessions as if they are alive.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to downsize and make a positive change in their lives.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

What to know in Indigenous Language part 1

Language is a fluid thing, it is magical to hear the words our people flowing through the air. Ojibwe is a musical language with a lot of complex verbs and words. The first thing that you have to know in the language is that how to introduce yourself. 

Hello - Boozhoo

My name is                                     -                 Nidishnakaaz

My family is                                   -                 Inoodewiziwin

My clan is                                       -                 Niin doodem

I live in                                           -                  Abiitan

How are you?                                 -                  Aniish na?

Emergency Phrases

Yes                                                  -                   Eya
No                                                   -                   Gaawin
Please                                              -                   Daga
Thank you                                       -                   Miigwetch
Help me                                          -                    Wiidookaazo  niin
I don't know                                   -                     Wegodogwen
I want                                             -                     Niin  Nandawenim
How much?                                   -                     Aaniin Minik
Where is                                        -                     Aandi
bathroom/restaurant/hotel             -                     Miiziiwigamig/Wiisiniiwigamig/Noogishkaawigamig
Taxi please                                    -                     Bimiwizhiwewidaabaan  Daga
I need a doctor                              -                     Niin Noondese  Mashkikiiwinini

You also need to know the culture. In Ojibwe it is rude to point with your finger. It is also rude to interrupt elders when they are talking. You just listen and don't ask questions. These are a few things to remember, as long as you remember respect, you should be okay.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New Years Resolution Update

I think that when people think of resolutions it is easy to push them aside for another time but if you think of them as goals, you are more likely to achieve them throughout the year. 


  1. Publish two fiction books - Book 2 of Reflections Series (I have the book back from the editor and need to start on the edits) and Book 3 of The Light Chronicles (I am halfway through the edits for this book and I am working on the cover)
  2. Publish language game book (This book has 137 games, I have realized that creating the board games is challenging, however I have made a decent dent in the games, I think that it helps that they are all developed).
  3. Set up and teach online classes (I have filmed my first video for one of the classes, it takes a lot to get the classes set up but it will be worth it.)
  4. Teach at Art Centers in New Mexico ( I already have two classes plan at Los Alamos - creative writing and acting, which will be held in April. I may also be teaching summer art classes.)  
  5. Organizing and downsize my art supplies ( I donated a lot to the local high school art class and given away a lot, I almost have everything downsized.)
  6. Paint more, Write More (I have one painting in the works and I have four cradleboards that I am batik painting that I am creating, I have also been editing books and writing down book ideas, I have also been writing a lot of poetry for the new book. ) 


  1. Lose 10 pounds (I started out at 181 and now I am down to 178 so I lost 3 pounds and I have not had time to work out. So I plan on scheduling workout time, so I can reach my goal.) 
  2. Organize and downsize belongings ( I have almost gone through everything and I will need to go through everything again.)
  3. Dance (I have made it a point to have fun moments with my kids, which include dancing.)
  4. Learn more of my language ( I have looked up and am using comprehensible input and I have cds with the elders telling stories, I love hearing the flow of the language)
  5. Smile more (I have my moments of sadness, especially with everything going on personally, however I have smiled more.)
I think that I have made good starts at everything that is listed. I will keep going and keep everyone updated. 

I hope you have a creative and great year.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Changes with the business

I just wanted to inform everyone that I am stepping away from photography. I am going to focus on cradleboards but mainly on Batiks and Books.

The plan to create at least one or two paintings a month. I also plan to publish four books this year - two fantasy books ( Light Chronicles Book 3) and (Reflections Series Book 2), Poetry Book 3 and Language Book.