Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Special Saturdays Book Reviews "Secret of the Sirens" Julia Golding

The back of the book reads : When Connie Lionheart is sent to live with her eccentric aunt by the sea, she doesn't expect to make friends with Col, the coolest guy in town, and she certainly doesn't expect to discover that mythical creatures still exist, an ancient society has protected them for centuries, and a dark and treacherous force lurks in their midst. Then Connie learns that she has the rarest of talents, greater even than her secret ability to communicate with animals. She could achieve unimaginable power-and fce the terrifying choices that come with it.

I thought this book was very good, it kept me wanting to turn the page and find out what was going to happen. Also, form the opinion from the age group it was intended for, my daughter said it was cool. She thought the creatures were awesome. I recommend this book to older readers to middle school readers. Great read.