Saturday, July 7, 2012

Magnificent Elf Mondays - Nature Journals

Every elf should have a Nature Journal and with that in mind we created them for ourselves. They are wonderful and each one is unique. You write what you see in nature and if you can imagine a fairy village or an elf sitting by the water, then write about that too. Nature inspires the child in each of us.

 Just use a composition book and use white acrylic paint for primer. Then paint it how you want and you can use the stickers for scrapebooking for the decorations.

This was my son's nature journal. (10 yr old)

This was my oldest one's journal and she was proud with how it came out. (12 yr old)

This is my youngest's journal and she said she worked hard on it.  (7yr old)

This is the one I created. Everyone who knows me, knows I have to try it too. I was excited when we did this and I enjoyed every minute of it.