Thursday, June 13, 2013

Wealthy Knowledge Wednesdays - Fantasy Writing

I was asked how I get my ideas for my fantasy books, so I thought I would share:

1) Dreams - I keep a dream journal and when I wake I write as much as I can remember. If you train yourself to remembering your dreams, then they stay with you longer, at least long enough to scribble on paper. :D

2) People around me - Sometimes I see fantasy characters around when in the people I observe. Whether it is the way they dress, act or look. A part stands out and that is what I focus on - one small detail can lead to a full character or even a whole story. It can lead to a story by asking the questions - I wonder what quest they are on?

3) Nature - sounds weird, but it is true. I like to write about elves so when I need inspiration I go into a forest. If I want to add a giant, I daydream as we are driving in the mountains. If I want to add fairies - I try to look for places they may have homes. Get my imagination going. Imagine the possibilities around you.

4) Clouds - Have you ever played the game to see what you can see in the clouds. I do this too and the dragons, ice cream cones and other things I see - encourage my imagination.

5) Words - If I hear a word that catches my attention - vibrant, belief, amazing, terrible - well, you get the ideal. One word can be associated with a character and create a whole aspect that I did not know was there.

Anything around a person can inspire a story, a character, an imagined place - you just have to be open minded and have the imagination and wonder of a young child. Happy writing and may your fantasy take flight.