Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Birchbark Canoe - Ojibwe

Birchbark trees give us the materials for the birchbark canoe.

To the Ojibwe People the canoe was a way of life.

It was the transportation and a way to take care of the their families.

They fished and went to different camps over the lakes.

It was a part of them - they took good care of it and it helped take good care of them.

This video is about how to construct a birch bark canoe. This video was created by Lakeland PTV and they did an amazing job.

Watching this video made me feel connected to the past - it was created using the techniques that my ancestors used.

This video has the Ojibwe names for the parts of the canoe in it. This was created by skabewis. It is a small interview from Indian Country TV and I enjoyed listening to the elder speaking the Ojibwe Language.

Papakoosigun in "Hidden Powers has a trust in her canoe and she uses it in her quest to save the world. I put this in the book because the canoe is important to our people.

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