Wednesday, October 9, 2013

author swag Native Style

So I was thinking about how to promote my books and I thought that since they are a blend of Ojibwe / Lakota with fantasy. I love the term author swag and it is exciting to think of new ways to promote.

Book swag includes the free promo ideas that authors give away in order to promote their book. They hand them out everywhere they can bookstores, book signings, conferences, mailing them, including adding them to online book sales.

The basic swag is what everyone thinks of as book extras - bookmarks, pens, postcards, business cards, and notepads.

So I was thinking of new and interesting ways to share my books. These are the ideas that I have and I want to try at least a few of these.

A person needs to consider time, money and how to make them. However, thinking outside the circle and create some great ideas.

Swag needs to relate to the books of the author and be useful.

1) Little Books for Keychains. With the covers of the books and since it is a trilogy have all 3 made.

2) Beaded Bookmarks with the words HIDDEN POWERS. Use lazy stitch to make some.

3) Stickers. I love stickers and since it is a young adult book. I hope my readers enjoy them as much I do. Stickers of the book covers , but maybe I could do some with the clan symbols, a canoe and paddle, Respected Earth (an important group in the book).

4) Temporary Tattoos. Kids love these and they would awesome. Clan symbols would be the ideal tattoo.

5) Bandolier Bag. Instead of message bag or tote bag, it would interesting twist and great for carrying all kinds of book goodies.

6) Team Ishkode or Team Aki Buttons. The lead males in my books have their own teams.

7) Stuff Animals. Kestrels, dragons, fairies, unicorns, and other magical creatures that are key in my books would be awesome to have for a table.

8) Trading Cards. It would be interesting to create trading cards or playing cards based on the clans or powers of the characters.

9) First Chapter Booklets. I think that this would be an interesting addition to my tables.

10) Refrigerator Magnets. Either the clan symbols with the name of the book or Respected Earth.

11) Buttons. Saying Respected Earth, I Have Hidden Powers, (Akina inawem, akina manidoog, akina gikendaagozi, akina mikwendaagozi - All related, all spirits, all known, all remembered.- a saying in Hidden Powers.

12) Lanyards. Saying the same things that are on the buttons.

13) Paper weights. Saying the same as the buttons and maybe the clan symbols.

14) Sketchbook. In the new book that I am creating,  the main character is an artist - small sketchbooks would be a cute idea.

15) Door Hangers. Each door hanger would have room for the person's name and have saying for each clan.

16) Small Paddle. Creating a small charm for a keychain.

17) Book Plates. It would be fun to make these and design a few different templates.

18) Tokens. I have already made these for the four main clans and there is a five question quiz to see what clan you belong too.

19) Recipe Cards. Jean's Haven makes soup and sweet potatoe pie it would be a little fun to make a few.

20) Hair Sticks. The main character pulls her hair up with sticks that she carves herself. I may try to make them, just to try it.

21) Metal bracelets with carvings. This may be to expensive idea but it was interesting to think about making the bracelets (I may try to make some for my daughter for fun).

 22) Packs of Flowers. Having a pack stamped with the Hidden Powers for the fairies in the book.

23) Little Swords or foam swords for the blacksmith in the story.

24) Small Sailing Ship. Creating a small charm for a keychain.

25) Small Drum. Creating a small charm for a keychain.

Do any of you have ideas for your own book swag?

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