Monday, October 21, 2013

Presenting as an Author

   Presenting can be extremely intimidating, but there is a silver lining. You get to meet great people.

   This post is about some techniques to help with presenting but it is also about my experience on October 15 and 17.


  • Take a deep breath and know that it is okay and normal to feel nervous.
  • Powerpoint or Keynote are great tools to keep your presentation on task.
  • That said, it is important to not read bullet for bullet in your presentation - it should be a guide not a script.
  • Add personal experiences in your presentation.
  • Most important - be yourself.


I presented to two different college classes at Oglala Lakota College. It was a great experience and I meet some great people.

It was fun getting all the questions that I did.
  What is my writing process? I get an idea which is the easy part, then I outline the chapters and what I want to happen. I have a couple of  journals for ideas and keep a least one journal with me at all time. Last, I sit down and write with no worries about anything - I just want to get the story down.
   Why did I pick elves? I picked elves, because I see a parallel with the Native Americans and the elves. They are both are graceful, beautiful, strong, and care for the Earth.
  There were so many great questions and it was great connecting with the classes.

Another great thing that the instructor did was have the class read their favorite parts from "Hidden Powers" and it was an amazing and touching event. To hear the students favorite parts and how they connected to that part was - well there are no words for how it made me feel. 

I received some great compliments -
      I was admirable for having the strength to be myself and stay positive in my writing. (I try and I am thankful that others notice the positive that I try to carry in all aspects of my life. I also love being myself - who else would I be. I would rather be consider weird than a clone.)
      I am the Native American Harry Potter ( this is a great compliment because I love the Harry Potter books.)
      I am not a reader, but I could not put your book down. (This is the greatest compliment and makes my heart happy.)

All in all the time I spent with the classes was well worth it. I would love to do more presentation if the people are as nice and welcoming as what I experienced here. So a huge Migwetch (Thank you) to the Instructor and classes.

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