Thursday, October 24, 2013

Presenting to Middle School kids about being an Author

Yesterday was my blog day but I spent it with about 60 - 70 6th graders. It was well worth the time. I gave tips a couple of days ago about presenting, however when presenting to kids it is a whole different animal. In some ways it is comparable to walking a tight rope (not that I have done that).

This is the Tokens sign that caught everyone's attention and as an author sometimes that is half the battle. It is a fun aspect that I pulled from my book.

Here are Tips when presenting to kids:

  • Prepare a fun presentation.
  • Ask the kids questions.
  • Bring something that they can do. (I brought my what elf clan are you sign and quiz- it was a hit.)
  • Do a drawing (because I could not give away that many tokens - I did a drawing in class for a token after they took the quiz and some of the bookmarks)
  • Be prepared for the unexpected. (When the teacher turned her back one of the classes came running up to me and it was a little overwhelming- but it was also great to see their enthusiasm.)
  • Be yourself (there had to be a reason you wrote for children or young adults - use that to connect to the kids).
  • Most important - HAVE FUN (if you are having fun so will the kids.)

I loved the Experience here are some of the highlights.

  • One boy was looking at my book that was being passed around the room and he started reading it and did not want to pass it on. - I took this to heart.
  • One girl said she wanted to be a writer and was excited to meet me.
  • The classes had a lot of great questions.
  • The tokens were very popular, they were excited and talking about the different clans and which one they belonged in.
  • The teacher told me, I was inspiring for being positive and starting my empire with just my family and myself. (Empire? That was the first time that I heard that word associated with me and my work- I promise to not let my head get big.)

  •  It was inspiring to hear the teacher, staff and children so excited to meet me. Their want to read and write stories was inspiring and heart lifting. It was an experience I would definitely be willing to repeat. It was fun.

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