Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A picture is worth a thousand words?

Could you create a story of a thousand words from one picture?

She looked around her in confusion. How did she get here? She calmed herself and would not let panic take control. She took deep breaths and let her training take over. She checked herself over and found that besides a few bruises and scrapes, she was fine. She study the area around her and filed it for later.
                She heard water, but not the flow of a river or stream. It sounded like the swishing of soft waves. She saw that she was completely boxed in by the birch trees that surrounded her. She did not live anywhere near these types of trees. She smelled the rot of leaves on the ground and a musky smell that put her on high alert.
                She felt a light mist on her arms and shivered when the wind shifted through the trees. She again wondered how she could be in this deserted place.
                She heard a noise, turned toward it and stumbled back. She tripped over a log and felt a stick jab her leg. She looked up at the sky and saw a swirl. Her head felt stuffy, she grabbed it as a loud piercing whistle drowned out all other sounds.
                She saw a person lean over her and she met hard eyes. She studied the face and could not figure out how she could be looking at herself. She did not have a twin. Who was this person.
                She saw something come at her head, she put up her hands too slowly and everything went black. (255)

It is a start and I think I will do this in four parts. Where would you go from here? And remember no zombies.

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