Friday, February 28, 2014

Elf tip of the week - offering tobacco

Northern Elves by Beaver-Skin

Artwork found at Deviant Art by Beaver-Skin

Elf tip #3 - Offering Tobacco. When you see an elf making an offering, please be respectful and do not disturb them or ask questions until they are finished. Offering tobacco is a prayer. There are many reasons that they do the offerings - one of the main one is to be thankful for each gift that they have. Whether it be a new day, food in their stomachs, warmth on a cold day, or friendship. Sometimes, people forget to be thankful for the good things that they have in life - it is a good reminder.

Learn from the elves and be thankful. Take a minute to give thanks for the good and great things you have when you wake up in the morning. It is these moments that bring joy to the rest of our days.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

"BELIEVE" - languages

"Believe" is the word of this blog and of my hope for children and adults alike. I asked my children what makes them believe in traditions and the values of our people and they said language.

They said listening to the elders speak and watching the ceremonies take place. Most of the cultures would not be the same if they did not have the expression of their languages. It is the magic that connects everything together.

I love to listen to other people speak their languages. I do not understand but they are still beautiful. I have two stories to tell about languages.

The first one: 

I was talking to my friend on the phone. She is American Somona. She stopped our conversation because her cousin came in. They were speaking their language and I couldn't understand what they were saying but I just listened . There was so much excitement in their voices, it made me smile. She came back on and apologized and I laughed. I did not mind the wait, it was beautiful to witness. The love and pride they have in their language and culture.  So in her language - Talofa (Hello)

The second one:

I was with my friends and we were at my house. Our kids were playing and we were visiting. My oldest two made their little sister cry as siblings are bound to do from time to time. I went over to them and talked to them in our language - telling them to play nice and say sorry. They did and went on their merry way. I went back to my friends and sat down. I started talking to them, but all of them had a weird look on their faces. I finally stopped talking and asked what? They told me they could not understand me. Apparently, when I went back I was speaking Ojibwe to my friends and it did not even register with my brain. I said sorry. It took me minutes of concentrating to get back to English. It hurt to have to go back to English. I love my culture and my language, and I need to find out ways to incorporate it into every aspect of my life.

What is your experience with language either your own, learned or heard?

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Ojibwe / Lakota word of the week - Red

Red is the word of the week, well because it is still February and I still the love in the air. Red is one of the scared colors of my people. It represents many things to many different people.

Ojibwe - (red - add to the front of a word to describe an object) misko - (miss-coal) OR (be red) miskozi - (miss-coal -zee)

Lakota - (red) luta - (lou - tah)

What does red mean to you?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Elf tip of the week - Talking to them

Elves by joinjump

Artwork found at deviantart by artist joinjump (William)

Elf tip #2 -

Respect while talking. Elves have a lot of pride, but also understand the earth. When there is too much talking, the earth and her creatures can not be heard. They are not shy about shushing you if they would prefer quiet. If a person shows disrespect when talking to them - they would be shunned by the entire community until they could right the wrong.

When talking to an elf, please use respect. You can address them as elder, sir, madam, tall one. You may be able to get away with pointed ear with the younger ones. If you use disrespect be prepared to duck and run, they will use their skills and talents to get you back. Be prepared to be smack on the head or even pranked. The younger ones like to make an example of someone so let the warning be known. Use respect when you talk to your elders :D

Follow the elves example, be quiet and listen to your environment, you may learn something new. Second, think before you speak, because words cannot be retrieved, no matter the regret. Respectful days to you.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Believe Quote

Believe in yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard, and there is nothing you cannot accomplish.
                                                                                Brad Henry

As I struggle to deal with the business aspect of my art, I question myself a lot. I need to remember these words and let them give me the belief that everything will happen as it should if I continue to do what I should.

I just need to remember to take a deep breathe and focus. Have a happy day and believe in yourself.

Are there times that you struggle with your art, work, or any other aspect in your life?

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Featured Song - Jana Mashonee - A change is gonna come

I love this song. Change is hard, but necessary. I think people need strength. She is a great singer and this song makes me feel like I can accomplish anything and that is part of our message of "believe". Support our artists. Here is her website.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ojibwe / Lakota Word of t he Week - Love

I know that Valentine's Day is over but I think that love is a great thing to strive for. In that frame of mind we come to the word of the week.


Ojibwe - to love someone - Zaagi - (Zah - gee)

Lakota - love - Wo'wastelaka - (Whoa - wash - tay - lah - kah)

Try to say you love them in your language. What other words do you want to learn?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Elf tip of the week - Love

Elves by susumus

Artwork found at Deviant Art by Susumus

Elf tip #1 - Since it is Valentine's day the tip deals with love. Elves are loyal and devoted to the ones that they love. They will go to whatever necessary measure to protect their loved ones. They love only one person through their long lives, so they have to choose wisely. Follow the elves example and protect your heart, but when you give it - give it with all your being to the one who gains it. Happy Valentine's Day. May you find happiness, love and peace.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

BELIEVE - what does this mean to my art?

I was told to pick one word that would encompass all that I do in my business. Well, if you know anything about my business this was hard.

I write
I create fine art photography
I do videos
I sketch and paint
I consult on writing and art

So I thought for a long time on this and wrote down a list of words. None of them felt right. Then I came to Believe.

Believe worked.

Here is my list for Believe.

Believe . . .
- In magic
- In the wonders of the world
- In traditions
- In the power of language
- In the values of our people
- In imagination
- In creativity
- In the importance of remembering
- In yourself
- In achieving the impossible

All the bullets are me and my company. Can you think of one word to sum up everything you stand for and want to be known for?