Thursday, February 13, 2014

BELIEVE - what does this mean to my art?

I was told to pick one word that would encompass all that I do in my business. Well, if you know anything about my business this was hard.

I write
I create fine art photography
I do videos
I sketch and paint
I consult on writing and art

So I thought for a long time on this and wrote down a list of words. None of them felt right. Then I came to Believe.

Believe worked.

Here is my list for Believe.

Believe . . .
- In magic
- In the wonders of the world
- In traditions
- In the power of language
- In the values of our people
- In imagination
- In creativity
- In the importance of remembering
- In yourself
- In achieving the impossible

All the bullets are me and my company. Can you think of one word to sum up everything you stand for and want to be known for?

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