Friday, February 21, 2014

Elf tip of the week - Talking to them

Elves by joinjump

Artwork found at deviantart by artist joinjump (William)

Elf tip #2 -

Respect while talking. Elves have a lot of pride, but also understand the earth. When there is too much talking, the earth and her creatures can not be heard. They are not shy about shushing you if they would prefer quiet. If a person shows disrespect when talking to them - they would be shunned by the entire community until they could right the wrong.

When talking to an elf, please use respect. You can address them as elder, sir, madam, tall one. You may be able to get away with pointed ear with the younger ones. If you use disrespect be prepared to duck and run, they will use their skills and talents to get you back. Be prepared to be smack on the head or even pranked. The younger ones like to make an example of someone so let the warning be known. Use respect when you talk to your elders :D

Follow the elves example, be quiet and listen to your environment, you may learn something new. Second, think before you speak, because words cannot be retrieved, no matter the regret. Respectful days to you.

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