Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Elf tip of the week - Generosity

Picture from deviantART by Emerald-rei

Elf tip #4 - Generosity is a way of life for the elves. It is not giving away all your possessions. However, in some cases they are known to be generous in that way too.
The main place you see their generous nature is when you enter their home and come to visit. They give you the best place to sit, they offer food and drink, they offer a great place to sleep. They best thing that they are generous with is listening and offering advice, being there and giving of their time. Never expecting anything in return.
So, take a lesson from the elves - listen to your friends without waiting to talk about yourself. Offer people a drink, food or a kind word. These are the things that are forgotten. Happy day!

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