Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ojibwe / Lakota word of the week - turn on / turn off light

 The word of the week is more of a phrase or actually two phrases, because I am always telling my kids to turn off the light. A I was researching this I realized there are actually no words for turning off and on the light so I did the best I could. :D

Ojibwe - (turn on light) - waazakonebidoon - waa-zay-coal-knee-bee-doon
               (make dark room ) - ozhitoon dibikate - o- zee-toon dee-bee-kah-tay

Lakota - (to light) - iyo'yanpa - e - yo -yawn - pa
                (to make darkness) - ka'ga oi'okpaza - kahn - gaa o-e  oak-paa-zaa

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  1. That's why it's hard to translate what our language says. It doesn't mean the same. That's a pretty good way for say it. And those translation are what gives the impression that we are simple.