Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Organized Artist

I have been asked how I can be so organized. I have had the statement that an artist needs creative chaos.
I feel that both are important  to be organized  but have some creative chaos.  I have this book to keep me on track but my art table is clutter with my current project.
I think having a book like this can help artist stay on track and accomplish  goals for their art careers.
So the first group is:
Etsy Listings -I have an etsy store and I like to know what I  have in it.
Galleries- this is a list of galleries I have exhibited at and ones I have submitted  to with contact info and date of submission.
Book stores - list of book stores that carry my books and places I have submitted to for distribution and contact info.
Contacts -personal and professional.
Wish list - says it all.
The next group deals with inventory of my products.
Books - I have inventory #, name, description, unit price , and quantity  in stock.
Photography - I have inventory #, name, photo size, framed? ( y or n), frame size, unit price  framed, unit price unframed, etsy (y or n), unit number  ( all my pieces are numbered, location
Also for photography  -I have another sheet that has inventory number, name, date taken, camera used, mm, f/stop, sec, ISO .
Paintings -I have inventory #, name, canvas size, framed? ( y or n), frame size, unit price framed, unit price unframed (if available), etsy ( y or n), print size, cards, location
Blog - I have blog topic ideas or notes I write for myself.
Last tab is for notes that are random thoughts. I also have a calendar  in the front of this book to help with scheduling.
Hope this inspires you.

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