Friday, April 17, 2015

Mike and Molly showing how it is for writers with humor part 1

Dear Readers,

I do not know how many of you are writers. I do not know how many of you watch the show Mike and Molly. However, I have to say that I find that show funny and it makes it easier to laugh at the things that have happened to me as a writer.

So I had an experience similar to this. As a writer just starting out and trying to get my name out there, I did a few local book signings. I called friends "Don't let me sit here by myself" and they came. I did have the support of local tribal college and some of the professors so I did sell some books. Getting up and talking about my book was a little intimidating and then sitting behind a table to sign books and hoping someone finds your book interesting. Whew!

I found deep breaths help and to have a passion for what you write. Remember there are going to be readers who find what you create is interesting, you just have to find them.

To all my fellow writers: keep writing and good luck. More to come of Mike and Molly episodes that I could relate to as a writer. Have a great creative day.

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