Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mike and Molly showing how it is for writers with humor part 4

Dear Readers,

I found the last installment in the Mike and Molly relatable episodes (at least for now).

I found this episode so funny because I am the same way. It is my writing. I would definitely have the same reaction as her - maybe funnier as I make up bad words such as bedpan and such.

However, as writers our writing is never good enough, there can always be changes made. I don't know if I would have published if I did not have the best supporter ever in my husband. He said just publish it and I did. I have a great support team- my husband, my kids and all the women who I call sister (blood and not).

So if you feel the need to scream, go for it but remember maybe it is for the best that we have ourselves and others to push us.

Have a great creative day.

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