Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finding my studio part 1 of ?? - small item storage

Aniin. It is all about how to Mino- bimaadizi (lead a good life).

A part for me in leading a good life is having an organized life. I have heard the term creative chaos and that is definitely not me. I like everything in its place and I feel that I can create better when I have my studio in order.

In that regards, I am going to share about my little treasure trove I have. And I am slowly in the process of labeling all the small boxes in the drawers ( I mean it is snail pace). There is quite a bit of stuff and time flies when I am creating. :)


I have drawers that have little tiny boxes and spice containers that I bought at the dollar tree and I love them. It helps when my assistants (aka my girls) try to help me find something. If everything is labeled it goes a lot easier.

To help with that I also did a list on the side of the treasure trove to help them and me remember what is in each drawer.

For example, if I say I need fasteners and they are in box E, they can go right to were it is and find it with ease. (Most people like a treasure hunt, except when you are in the middle of a project, then this is really helpful.)

If they want to paint, I just tell them the paints are in box F and they grab out the whole box and bring it to the art table.

It makes it really, really easy for all of us to work because I have creative kids. So even though the studio is mine and they know not to bother me when I am writing. They also know that they are welcome to come in and create. I like to give the capacity to create as long as they clean up after themselves, right? (All of you parents know how challenging that can be.)

We listen to music and I work on my project in one area of the studio and they work in another area. We don't really talk to each other except to maybe show progress and get opinions.

So I really enjoy having this and I would like to share with other creative moms out there. Maybe you have a little bit of space - this can really help them contain and organize the small stuff. I have shared this before but this time I have gone into more detail.

If you want to make this treasure trove you can go here http://awildstrawberry.blogspot.com/2012/01/diy-apothecary-cabinet.html

This is where I went when I built mine.

Have an amazing creative day.

Question of the week: How do you organize your small craft items and save on space?

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