Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finding my studio - part 3 of ?? - standing desk

Aniin. It is all about how to Mino - bimaadizi (lead a good life).

Today, I am sharing my standing desk that I created. I followed a post I saw on Pinterest (which I will share).

This seemed the easiest and fastest when I was looking at all the DIY projects. It was also affordable. You will need a desk to start with or a table. I used an IKEA side table, a shelf and two brackets. I think it is great. I am short at 5'2" and this works great for me. and you can raise it if you are taller.

The shelf that I ordered is big enough and fits my keyboard pretty well. I would like a little more room for my mouse, but it still works great and I move the keyboard over.

 I also love that I have space on my desk to the side and even under the keyboard to put papers while I am working. I also use the space right in front of the monitor for my notes as I am working.

I am a writer as well as photographer and artist. I can sit 6 to 8 hours at a time and I do not think that is healthy for me, so I wanted a standing desk.

Having a standing desk helps me to be more productive then when I am just sitting down.

I also used a crate to organize my binders and papers under the side table. It is great because they are in easy reach. I am still going through all the binders and papers so I only have what I need on a regular basis.

I used shipping boxes to make the pull out drawers for my desk. To organize my stapler, hole punch and other office supplies.

Keeping an organize desk helps you to stay focused.

One thing that I didn't think of until someone suggested it - was getting a padded rug. It is great to have and it feels better than the floor. Since I am standing most of the day, it relieves the ache in my feet and legs. The one that I got is from the kitchen section of the store and it is memory foam.

Here is the site http://thehappinessinhealth.com/tag/standing-desk

Have an amazing creative day.

Question of the week : How do you keep your desk organize? Do you spend a lot of time there?

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