Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Art Show Readiness - 1 of ??? - hanging display

Aniin. It is all about how to Mino- bimaadizi (lead a good life).

Today I am sharing how I am setting up my boards for art shows and any kind of exhibits.

I had peg boards to start with but I didn't think that they looked professional or pretty enough. I wanted to make a statement at the shows so I changed them.

All I did was get a twin sheet and cut it in half and use some white fabric and sewed it together. I made it like a pillow case and just slipped it over.

I used some chain, bolt, nut and a washer to create a hanging hook. Then I use S hooks and binder clips to hang my pieces.

I made signs for the top of each board using poster board, printer (printer the words), chain, and rocks in a bag.

Good luck and have a happy creative day.

Question of the week: What are some of your hanging display ideas that you use at art shows?

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