Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finding my studio - part 3 of ?? - standing desk

Aniin. It is all about how to Mino - bimaadizi (lead a good life).

Today, I am sharing my standing desk that I created. I followed a post I saw on Pinterest (which I will share).

This seemed the easiest and fastest when I was looking at all the DIY projects. It was also affordable. You will need a desk to start with or a table. I used an IKEA side table, a shelf and two brackets. I think it is great. I am short at 5'2" and this works great for me. and you can raise it if you are taller.

The shelf that I ordered is big enough and fits my keyboard pretty well. I would like a little more room for my mouse, but it still works great and I move the keyboard over.

 I also love that I have space on my desk to the side and even under the keyboard to put papers while I am working. I also use the space right in front of the monitor for my notes as I am working.

I am a writer as well as photographer and artist. I can sit 6 to 8 hours at a time and I do not think that is healthy for me, so I wanted a standing desk.

Having a standing desk helps me to be more productive then when I am just sitting down.

I also used a crate to organize my binders and papers under the side table. It is great because they are in easy reach. I am still going through all the binders and papers so I only have what I need on a regular basis.

I used shipping boxes to make the pull out drawers for my desk. To organize my stapler, hole punch and other office supplies.

Keeping an organize desk helps you to stay focused.

One thing that I didn't think of until someone suggested it - was getting a padded rug. It is great to have and it feels better than the floor. Since I am standing most of the day, it relieves the ache in my feet and legs. The one that I got is from the kitchen section of the store and it is memory foam.

Here is the site http://thehappinessinhealth.com/tag/standing-desk

Have an amazing creative day.

Question of the week : How do you keep your desk organize? Do you spend a lot of time there?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Finding my studio part 2 of ?? - fabric storage

Aniin. It is all about how to Mino bimaadizi (lead a good life).

Part of me leading a good life is reducing stress by being organized. So today I am going to share about what I have found to store my fabric in my studio.

I have fabric for the cradleboards that I make.  I searched and searched the web and I finally found something that I was willing to try on Pinterest. I did it a little bit different than what I saw. For this section of fabric, they are not big pieces so this worked really well for them.

I used chain that I bought at lowes. 10 foot long (Sorry can't remember the size). I took the chain to the dowel section opened the container and found that a 7/16 dowel fit into the holes. I bought 10 dowels and will add as I need to.

Then I used paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls (masking taped together) to use to roll the fabric on. This gave me a variety of sizes and then I used masking tape to secure the fabric to the rolls.  I am still in the process of collecting enough rolls for all my fabric so I have also folded some of the fabric over the dowels so it is all in one place. And I can see all the fabric in one place.

Then I used 30 pound strength picture hanging hooks to hold the chain to the wall. It seems pretty sturdy.
This is the link that I found to inspire this great organizer. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/541557923919149388/

I also have fabric for my studio backgrounds.

I have concrete walls since my basement is in the basement. So What I did was use 10 pound picture hanging wire that I looped through the holes of the hook and attached to the studs above the concrete wall.

I followed the direction of the pinterest link, but to be honest I am not really happy with the boards that hold my fabric. They seem really flimsy and are not sitting up very well. It could be the way that my hooks are hanging and they do not have enough support so that the boards are pulling on it. It works at least for now.

There are 10 fabrics that are hanging on the stand/ holder. Here is the link that I used to inspire this project https://www.pinterest.com/pin/541557923918150513/

Lastly I have fabric for my batik paintings. I have yet to have a special place just for this fabric. I want to keep it separated from the rest so I do not accidently use it so I can have it for the paintings. I am still trying to figure out what I am going to do with it, but for now this is a start.

I enjoy having these in my studio. It is a step in an organized direction.

Have an amazing creative day.

Question of the week: How do you organize your fabric?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Finding my studio part 1 of ?? - small item storage

Aniin. It is all about how to Mino- bimaadizi (lead a good life).

A part for me in leading a good life is having an organized life. I have heard the term creative chaos and that is definitely not me. I like everything in its place and I feel that I can create better when I have my studio in order.

In that regards, I am going to share about my little treasure trove I have. And I am slowly in the process of labeling all the small boxes in the drawers ( I mean it is snail pace). There is quite a bit of stuff and time flies when I am creating. :)


I have drawers that have little tiny boxes and spice containers that I bought at the dollar tree and I love them. It helps when my assistants (aka my girls) try to help me find something. If everything is labeled it goes a lot easier.

To help with that I also did a list on the side of the treasure trove to help them and me remember what is in each drawer.

For example, if I say I need fasteners and they are in box E, they can go right to were it is and find it with ease. (Most people like a treasure hunt, except when you are in the middle of a project, then this is really helpful.)

If they want to paint, I just tell them the paints are in box F and they grab out the whole box and bring it to the art table.

It makes it really, really easy for all of us to work because I have creative kids. So even though the studio is mine and they know not to bother me when I am writing. They also know that they are welcome to come in and create. I like to give the capacity to create as long as they clean up after themselves, right? (All of you parents know how challenging that can be.)

We listen to music and I work on my project in one area of the studio and they work in another area. We don't really talk to each other except to maybe show progress and get opinions.

So I really enjoy having this and I would like to share with other creative moms out there. Maybe you have a little bit of space - this can really help them contain and organize the small stuff. I have shared this before but this time I have gone into more detail.

If you want to make this treasure trove you can go here http://awildstrawberry.blogspot.com/2012/01/diy-apothecary-cabinet.html

This is where I went when I built mine.

Have an amazing creative day.

Question of the week: How do you organize your small craft items and save on space?