Monday, April 11, 2016

Crazy Horse Memorial Artist in Residence for May

NEWS!  - May is looking busy! I am so excited!

Getting ready for being Artist in Residence at Crazy Horse Memorial.

I had prints of my batik paintings made and each of is numbered from  1 to 999 and signed. I did prints of Stomping Good, Flight, Grace of the People, Nation's Heart.

 Also working on cradleboards.

Book Reading and Signing

I just did a book reading and signing at Racing Magpie in Rapid City, SD on April 7th.

I read from my new releases, "Sheltered Light" and "Native Memory". It went great and I got to meet some new people and also see some old friends.

I also had a guest reader, a young woman who published a poem in "Native Memory". She read her poems "Depression" and "Lack of Respect". She did an amazing job.

One of the new people I met was Alicia from the East Coast. She wanted all of my fantasy books signed.

What a good night! I look forward to doing some more book reading and signings in the future.

New Book Releases!

I just published Book 2 of Light Chronicles - "Sheltered Light".

Back of the Book:

Finally free of her kidnappers, Wakangli finds herself trapped on an ice island with her only ally, Wi. She wants nothing more than to find her way home but it seems impossible. Braving many obstacles, including being hunted by Hanyetuwi and even imprisonment, the hardest trial she has to endure is finding out her allies are not what she thought.

 I have also published a new version of "Native Me" and started a poetry book series called Native Vision Series. "Native Memory" the second book in the poetry series was just published.

Back of the Book:

This is the second book in this poetry series. Photography and poetry melded together into a seamless experience. The poems that grace the pages of this book share a small glimpse into the life of a woman who grew up on a reservation. It connects the reader with the hidden truth that everyone protects hope and tries to keep a positive attitude through the struggles of life.

Hope you enjoy! Have a happy creative day!