Hidden Magic Trilogy

This trilogy has the Ojibwe Language used for the names and a few phrases through out.

Hidden Powers - Book 1
Papakoosigun rebels and flees the world she's always known. This action has consequences and she is thrown into a chain of events.  She is special and she never could've imagined that she was headed for her destiny all along. The journey of this young elf maiden takes her through many magical challenges as well as facing foes that are determined to ruin the world she loves and cherishes..

Hidden Memories - Book 2
Blinded and having to see the path that she must follow makes for a hazardous journey. She comes to realize that being blinded does not stop the world from placing challenges in her way. She learns to deal with and overcome her fears and weaknesses.

Hidden Conflicts - Book 3
Papakoosigun is now the queen of the elves and needs to protect them from the world. She bears the weight of her people upon her shoulders. She deals with conflicts at every turn and wants to give up. Her steps are measured and she is watched, what will she do?

The Light Chronicles

This series has the Lakota Language used for the names and a few phrases through out.




Wakangli is a sheltered young maiden.  She embarks on a sea voyage with her father and stumbles into an adventure that changes her life. People try to use her gifts but she is unwilling to give them what they ask.

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