Get to Know V R Janis

The name everyone has always called her was Val. She is an Ojibwe, it is a part of who she is and defines her life. In elementary school she relocated to Pine Ridge Reservation. When her family moved to South Dakota it shifted her city viewpoint to a more rural lifestyle.

She would withdraw into the quiet prairie to listen to the world around her. The rural setting allowed her to explore her new environment where she created her own worlds.

Her husband and children inspire her, which unlocks the child within her. They help fuel the belief in the impossible and keep my imagination burning. The motto of our family is "the only thing to do is try, everything else will fall into place."

I decided to focus on organizing on my blog because it is something that brings me joy besides my family, art and writing. I want to share ideas in hopes that I can help other artists find a balance between creating and business.

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